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Petroleum Commodities

Leader Energy Consultancy Ltd is a renowned and prospering company that offers excellent Petroleum Commodities to our esteemed customers. Based in Turkey, we provide specialized furnace oil to various industries. Our product is generally used for heating houses and also for blending conventional petrochemicals. We are known as the best Petroleum commodities exporters in Turkey. We are using modern machines and tools to store petroleum commodities under proper control.

Our products are used in various industries such as aviation, and other industries, etc. and it is fully under the control of our experienced team members. The product is

Edible Oil

Leader Energy Consultancy is the prominent edible oil suppliers Turkey. We have edible oil for our customers that is 100% safe and naturally processed. It doesn’t contain any chemical additives or synthetic product. We make sure that these are manufactured using good quality raw materials and doesn’t contain any harmful product which can cause harm to your body. Our products are quality tested and certified by experts. This makes your cuisine healthier and tastier. Our edible oil is accessible and is packaged hygienically. Our products are also reasonable and affordable.

Safe For Use

The edible oil that we export

Velvet Bathrobe

Leader Energy Consultancy has good quality bathrobes for you. We have a great range of bathrobes that people love and appreciate. Our products are highly in demand in the market and we serve customers all across the globe. We have amazing velvet bathrobes for our customers. Over the years the demand for this product has increased extensively. We have been successful in catering to the needs of all our customers and clients.

Bathrobes are one of the few personal products which straddle the line between luxury and necessity. This is one of the most comfortable and relaxing things. Along with that, there are many other practical applications as

Family Bathrobe Set

Leader Energy Consultancy has the best family bathrobe set. Experience ultimate ease and comfort using our 100% cotton bathrobes. These are made with good quality cotton. Our robes are extra soft, durable and snug. Both sides of the bathrobe are extremely water absorbent and it has a luxurious appeal. It also fits you perfectly and provides great body coverage. We also have an adjustable belt in our bathrobes which you can use to adjust your robe. This belt can also be removed if you do not need it.

Our family bathrobes are ideal for everyday use and can be washed easily. It doesn’t shrink and the colour stays intact even after several uses.

Cotton Towels

Leader Energy Consultancy is one of the best cotton towel suppliers Ankara. We are involved in exporting and suppliers in a wide range of products including cotton towels. The towels that we have are made with pure cotton from Turkey. These towels are great for use. Over the years the demand for these products has increased all across the globe. We take orders in bulk and supply products in different sectors including shops, malls, hotels, guesthouses, spas, resorts and much more.

The reason behind the popularity of our products are its amazing features some of which are as follows:

Soft And Smooth Texture


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